When I first realised what I was and slowly started delving into it more there were many emotions, as you can imagine, that I started to feel, both good and the not so good.


The biggest emotion that I felt was grief, I mourned ‘home’. That place in the Angelic Realm that I knew would be unlike anything we could possibly experience on this Earth. I missed the peace, positivity and elation that I just knew would be common themes up there where nothing ‘bad’ can occur. Yes we had to do our own healings and healings on souls that have had a traumatic life, but that wasn’t due to anything in the Angelic Realm but what had occurred when we helped those out of it.


At first I just couldn’t imagine why I would choose to come here to experience all of what a human experiences and then some when I could have been safely up there guiding others on their path like I have done for 1000’s of years. It made me not only feel grief but feel slightly bitter on all that I had encountered in my life so far, luckily it is all beginning to make a lot more sense to me now and I feel grateful for everything that I have experienced and learnt from.


I mourned what I felt was lost to me, only discovering now that all of those skills and knowledge are coming back to me at the right time and in ways that are gentle and right for this human body to handle, with some practice. Calibrations are what my family are calling them and they come and go and leave some amazing new talents and information that I am still learning and trialling. Being able to work in the Angelic Realm is absolutely awe inspiring. Speaking of family, I missed my Angelic family – although I know they are around me all of the time, I still missed them like you wouldn’t believe.


I felt unimaginable grief for the lives that had been shown to me that I had guided, as I processed their deaths all over again and how they related to me now. Being able to walk through their lives again and how I was with them is an amazing experience but as their Angel you carry their burdens (hence the healing) so it has been at times pretty intense and raw. I am looking forward to seeing more as the time unfolds and also applying it to the life I am leading now, so I can let go and then honour them as they are meant to be honoured.


All of my love Aria-Bella xx

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