When I discovered what I truly was, I immediately felt a lightness that I have never felt before. Straight away everything started to make sense to me. The heavy weight on my shoulders that I always seemed to carry lessened and I felt a big sigh of relief, one for understanding why I always felt very different from everyone else but also because that internal flicker – that candle that is your true self and your connection to source could finally burn bright and jumped up and down in delight that the truth was finally out there.  

The lightness continued to grow as I delved into my past lives and the reason for coming to walk the Earth as a human. It all started making so much sense to me – why I was how I was and what I carried into this life that was actually from past lives that I have guided.  I am slowly able to leave those feelings and actions and let them go now that I have acknowledged and honoured them. And if they are not quite ready to leave yet, I am able to see exactly where they stem from in order to move forward.

 My childhood was traumatic and hard to say the least, I have carried so much sadness, frustration and bitterness from it, to name a few of the emotions that roil around inside of me. When I learnt what I was though and some of my role for being here – it lessened. Just knowing and accepting that I came here to discover human emotions was almost like an epiphany. Of course I had to go through hell, otherwise how could I have learned all that I needed to learn? It began to make sense to me and again the lightness started to creep its way in. It is still a work in progress but just knowing that helps in ways I cannot even describe to you. Knowing I need the skills and knowledge I learnt from these experiences to help others and to bring back my learnings to the Angelic Realm is enough to lighten the load I normally carry.

 I am also feeling a lightness each and every day as I discover that is now my time to shine. The next phase of my life has started and there is no need to stay in those lower energies any longer. It is time to heal, empower, inspire, teach and uplift those around me and I cannot be doing that if I choose to stay down myself.

Each and every day source is giving me signs and guidance on the path to take, the relearning of skills and knowledge I need comes to me in the right time and place and I am happily allowing and receiving all they have for me. There is something so freeing and liberating to let go and just allow. I have no thoughts on where I will end up or be, I am just keen and eager on what they are going to show me next and to keep authentically moving forward.


Don’t get too caught up in the end result. Happily meander your way through life and let source be your guide and start to feel your own brand of lightness.


All of my love Aria-Bella xx

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