What is in a name

My name is Julia, the name always felt quite weird to say and form, never quite sitting right but hey it is my name so what are you going to do.

I had known for some time that this was my first incarnation and that I was an Angel previously but it finally clicked after a Past Life Reading with my spiritual mentor, also known as Super J, exactly why it never sat quite right with me as more information came to light. The name that I have used since the dawning of time is Aria-Bella, and up until I chose to come and be a first time human, was the only one I’ve known. It clicked deep on a soul level why Julia never felt quite right, how could it when I have gone by a different name for so long. I guess it is similar to when you get married and all of a sudden you have a last name that you need to get used to.

I would like to say that once I had my true name, and knew of my true nature that I was off like a rocket and ready to tackle the world. Unfortunately that isn’t the case and it has really only been during this last week that I really allowed it to settle in to the very being of me and am allowing it to blossom how it needs too. Before this I went through a myriad of emotions, thoughts and feelings and basically kept all this knowledge separate as if it was happening to someone else, while at the same time being deliriously happy that everything was finally making sense to me.


This is the start of my journey to becoming authentically me and I hope you enjoy being along on the ride with me.


All of my love Aria-Bella xx


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