Many lives guided



I am sure most of you have heard about past lives and how they can affect you now – positively and negatively. That you have been here time and time again, learning lessons and having your soul grow from this.

For me this is also true, but it has a twist. You see, this is my first ever human incarnation. It is my first time walking Earth on two feet as a human, so how does it affect me if I do not have any past lives?

I may not have had any past lives but I have guided countless lives before joining Earth myself. I am a Guardian Angel who helped with their lives and then helped them cross over peacefully when the time came for their souls to go back.

As a Guardian Angel – it was my duty to help take some of the burden of the life I was looking after. I couldn’t take all of it, if it was necessary to their path, but I could lessen it. Steering them back on their path if they had ventured too far off and keeping them safe, were all part of my duties. I could take away any fear, doubt etc. when their soul crossed to the other side. I helped create a smile instead of the terror they could have felt.

Some of this, I realised I had carried into my human life. Fears of certain things and places, when I hadn’t been affected directly by them myself in this life of mine. Feeling a particular way about something, blocks and so forth.

When I realised where some of my issues stemmed from – the big sigh of relief was intense. It made so much sense to me and settled deep into my soul for the releasing to begin.

The tears that I shed for these lives, especially some of the extremely traumatic, were cathartic to me and the souls that were affected. I mourned them and all they had gone through and I started to piece it to those issues I deal with now in this lifetime. Many threads of these souls were threaded through my own human one intricately.

I began to recognise and learnt to let go, it is still a process and as more is shown to me of my Angelic life, I am sure there will be many more times that I will need to do this. I still keep some of their threads with my own, but I am able to deal easier with them and let go of the extreme panic and feelings that can come with it. It can be hard when it is inherent in me to take these burdens, rather than let them go.

It was during a cleansing meditation that some of the souls that were still crossed over came to me and they helped to release me from the chains I had surrounded myself with from their lifetimes and know it wasn’t necessary for me to carry it anymore. I had gone above and beyond for them as their Guardian Angel so it was time to live freely. They said the best way to honour their lives that I had guided, was to live the best possible life I could in my own human incarnation. That struck strongly with me as I hadn’t been… So now I am living my true authentic life as best as I can for these amazing souls.


With all my love Aria-Bella xx



6 thoughts on “Many lives guided

  1. Thank you so much for this blog Aria-Bella. I found it so interesting and I could relate and understand your comments. Looking forward to your next blog, so please keep this going (not too long between blogs please, lol). Btw,I love your name. It really resonates with the love, peace and joy that you send out to us. Much love and many thanks gorgeous xxx

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